Carolyn Keys is a collection of jewelry designed and crafted by Carolyn Keys Hanisch in Bucks County Pennsylvania.       

Carolyn has been designing and making for as long as she can remember. From a young age her father engaged her in wood shop projects that sparked her curiosity for materials, processes and design.  In 2015, after spending ten years as a successful architectural designer, Carolyn decided to return to the shop to create with her hands again.

Carolyn's designs artfully combine forms that have a distinct style while at the same time imparting a feeling of timelessness.  This is achieved through the use of rich materials that only get more beautiful with time.  Her design is clean and balanced, but at the same time organic and imperfect. She's inspired by natural forms, architectural geometries, and ancient traditional arts.  

Carolyn's work is made to last; It is made for the person who expresses themselves through simple hand wrought accessories; It is made for those who want to know the story behind the objects they surround themselves with, to feel good using them, and to reject the culture of the disposable.  

If you have any questions, I'd love to hear from you!